Bowery Poetry Club/Bob Holman

Bob Holman is an American poet and poetry activist, most closely identified with the Oral tradition, the spoken word, and slam poetry. As a promoter of poetry in many media, Holman has spent the last four decades working variously as an author, editor, publisher, performer, emcee of live events, director of theatrical productions, producer of films and television programs, record label executive, university professor, poet’s house proprietor and archivist. He was described by Henry Louis Gates Jr. in The New Yorker as “the postmodern promoter who has done more to bring poetry to cafes and bars than anyone since Ferlinghetti.


Project Brief

The project took digital video and digital photographs

of Bob Holman then deconstructed and reconstructed them in Photoshop.

Some of the final images will be used by the club to pre-mote events on their web site and or just to put an image to a poem. Other food landscape images will be used in a flash animation “PastaMon”.

The work is done for no charge to Bob Holamn or the club but rather to contribute to the body of work that Keeps Bob Holman and the club moving as a creative force which plays a key role not only in art but human development.



The research for this project included but was not limited to video and photo shoots of Bob Holman. Other image research concentrated on food photos, spaghetti, meatballs, tomato sauce, Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions, Garlic, pots, stuffed shells, ravioli and sausage. These images were shaped recolored and used to create “Pasta Paradise” which is to be used as a background for the “PastaMon” animation.



The strategy was to first make sketches, thumb nails and layouts on paper and in adobe illustrator and then work Photoshop to recreate a hyper realistic composite images that would leave the viewer looking at a new world that has the potential to exist. This idea is browed from Hinesburg’s quantum physics theory, which allows for the possibility for something to exist beyond our normal comprehension.

This work intended to show by using the web based resources coupled with the hands on activities which engaged students and thus teaching them how the Photoshop software works, it would be easier to teach them how to create hyper realistic images. Other educational theorists advocating the adaptation of instruction to mimic human development and deriving knowledge from experience include Froebel (1782-1852), known as the founder of kindergarten, Herbart (1776-1841), Dewey (1859-1952), and Montesssori (1870-1952) (Sobol, 1998) Sowell (1989),





The main challenge was to learn the tools in Photoshop to accomplish the goal of creating new images. Aside from cutting and pasting images a long list of other tools played a role in the image creation such as retouching, smoothing and blending, painting, mapping, and stamping. The knowledge of layers and how to manipulate them became curtail in the finished work. The most difficult challenge even for this artist who has a long history as a painter was the use of color manipulation tools to balance out the final image. Some things need that artist’s perspective and talent, which would be better said, “Tools do not replace knowledge or talent”.



The over all effectiveness was positive. Hyper Images were created and used by the club and background scenes for the PastaMon animation were developed to the artist’s satisfaction.